Photo: Doug Schneider Photography

My lifelong interest in movement and background in dance have inspired me to explore various methods for expressing kinetic energy in still photographs.  My preferred method is to leave my shutter open for a fairly long duration and to almost draw images with a moving camera.  This approach incorporates spontaneity and chance. I strive to create imagery that conveys a sense of energy, joy, transcendence or mystery through the movement of my subject matter, my camera, or both.  Our daily lives involve a constant dialogue between planning and improvisation, movement and stasis. The challenge is to find a way to blend these opposing forces. As much as we try to prepare for what life brings, we find ourselves making things up as we go to enhance our life experience, to create a more enriching sense of community or simply to get by.

After dancing with a few ballet companies in the Midwest and Southwest, I studied photography at NYU, worked in the studio of dance photographer Lois Greenfield and shot freelance for publications including the New York Times, The Village Voice, New York Magazine, Dance Magazine, and Pointe Magazine. I continue to photograph dance companies and schools in the New York metropolitan area and beyond.