Photo: Doug Schneider Photography

I'm a former professional dancer who explores movement with my camera. I studied photography at New York University and worked with renowned dance photographer Lois Greenfield, who uses high-speed strobes to produce crisp images of bodies in motion.  Working with Lois was invaluable, and I learned to shoot dance in a similar manner.  However, I was also compelled to create more abstract images of moving subjects, and I began to capture dance in a more unconventional way - using slow shutter speeds and camera movement to convey the mystery and expressiveness of the art form. This approach allows me to create my own choreography with camera movement and allow improvisation and spontaneous response to guide my creative process.  I expanded this method to shoot not only dancers but a variety of light sources and subjects, including fireworks and nighttime skylines. 

My work has been exhibited at venues including Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Arts Westchester, Blue Door Gallery, The Donald Gallery, Gallery 66 NY and Upstream Gallery, and can be found in private collections throughout the country.  I served as a board member, vice president and co-president of RiverArts (a multi-arts organization in lower Westchester) and produced that organization’s Studio Tour for seven years.  I was an artist member of the cooperative Gallery 66 NY in Cold Spring from 2015-2016. 

My photographic images are an exploration of movement and stasis.  Primarily concerned with moving subjects, I also shoot seemingly still objects that reference movement in some way.  Striking the right balance of kinetic energy is my goal in art and life.